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Ryan and Kaeleigh

I guess it could have been hotter because we didn’t melt.  We really had great light to work with on this shoot.  The old barn provided some neat texture and warmth to the images.   Ryan, you did a great job.  You look great in these.  What a fabulous smile you have!  Kaeleigh came along to get in a few shots and since she is a junior this year I am looking forward to doing her Senior session next summer.    The sports shots were a ton of fun to take and I got a bit carried away.  I have so many great ones.  If mom gets a storybook we can put in a bunch of the soccer images.  That would make a treasure for their family.  Enjoy Everyone.  Comments are welcome too.


Lakeside Fun

Wow, we sure had fun last weekend.  These are just a smidgen of the fabulous photos that were taken of Taylor.  Mike came along as my assistant extraordinaire and even Mom got in on the action.  Taylor is a kinda quieter personality who doesn’t go in for tons of dress-up and makeup.  In some of these shots she looks like she wears a “going out dancing” dress everyday.  Gorgeous.  I really liked the simpler closeup images that really show off how pretty she is.  Even her more serious poses have a flare and personality about them.  Thanks Taylor for  a wonderful time.  I am so proud to be your family and senior photographer.



European Adventure (in Redding)

Can you guess where these images were taken?  You bet. Right here in Redding.  Do you like to feel like you have taken a trip to Italy?  We can do it together.  Here are some beautiful images from M’s  Senior Photo Shoot.  She wanted something unique and locations not commonly used for senior portraits.  I know she would agree with me that these images capture her artistic spirit.

Simpson University’s Website features Diana Vader Photography

Simpson University’s Website has a cool feature that showcases our work.  There is also a little bit about Diana.  Read to the end for a special offer.


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New Finishing Techniques to Enhance Your Portraits

Check out our new hand painted art pieces.  I have been enjoying painting these and I would love your feedback and comments.   The process takes hours as layers upon layers of paint and textures are applied to give a richness to the art.  All created digitally of course.

Joy of Poetry


The Richness


Foothill High School Senior Portraits

Bryce is in the class of 2012 at Foothill High.   We shot this a little later in the evening hoping it would be cooled down.  It was still crazy warm.  However, we did get some interesting cloud patterns at the sundial bridge that the sunset was lighting up.  That was a bonus.  Thanks Bryce for a fabulous shoot and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images.

Tyler is an Ambassador for Diana Vader Photography

We had a great time last night shooting Tyler’s senior pictures.  Using natural light, reflectors and portable flash we were able to get some beautiful shots of  Tyler in with the water.   My husband Mike and I climbed all over these boulders.  My tripod had the weirdest configuration to get anchored.  The long exposure shot has the water looking so cool.  Thanks Tyler and Kristen for braving the mosquitos and slippery rocks.  I just love how this shoot turned out.

Western and Water

We had such a good time yesterday with Nicole’s shoot.  There was a country theme in the beginning and then it got fancy with a gorgeous dress and water.  We had talked about a cowboy hat but she didn’t have time to get one so we hopped back over to our house and picked one up.  I’m so glad we did because it was just perfect on her.  After a very warm day.. 104 in Redding I was worried that we would melt but up at Whiskeytown Lake it was a cool 95.  We were a little warm but once we got shooting we didn’t even notice it.  I did something a photographer’s never supposed to do during a shoot.  Can you guess what it was?  No, I did not fall in the lake.  I got teary-eyed.  Nicole looked so pretty that I couldn’t help myself.  Thanks Nicole for a fabulous time.  Here’s your sneak peak.

Foothill High Yearbook Photographer

Diana Vader Photography is a chosen studio by the yearbook staff at Foothill High.  You may have seen the letter that went out to Juniors with a list of approved photographers.   That list is now the old list.    The Yearbook Staff  has updated the list  to now include our studio.

We are sorry if there was any confusion or concern.

We are looking forward to taking the most amazing pictures of you and your friends so get the word out.  Call us at 339-5988.  visit us at www.dianavader.com seniors tab.

The Painter

Inspired by The Dancing Butler by Jack Vettriano I made this particular piece.  One day I want to photograph the same image below on the beach.  Anyone want to go?  It will have to be a rainy blustery day with the sun peaking through on the east coast.  I can see there may be some problems with this for those who want to go with me.  Oh Well.  See my color “painted” version of The Painter – You Paint My World.


The Painter – You Paint My World

BFFs Super Model Shoot

Okay so I told the gals that they would probably get some attention while we were out on our shoot last night.  Little did I know!  So many people wanted to stop and watch our shoot that the gals felt like they were celebrities.  It was a ton of fun and these pics are only a glimpse of the all the outfits and locations we shot.

There were some folks interested in my equipment and techniques and wanted to watch.  I guess I could have held a workshop right there on the mall.  For those of you who are interested.. I used a shoot through umbrella to balance the light and soften the skin.  I also brought along a ginormous reflector with silver on one side and white on the other.   We used that to light up the eyes and give that beautiful tone to the skin.  I have touched some of these up using portraiture.  Here’s the sneak peak

Andrews SneakPeak

The wildflowers held out for us so we could get these incredible shots.  Even with the heat last week, so we are so thankful.   Thanks Bryce and Tristan for putting up with a very long hike and even a run at the end to catch sunset.  Your beautiful family portrait for the home will be enhanced with these fun shots.  Andrews Family, you are so fun and daring and outgoing.  I can’t wait for our next session.  Bryce, you are up for senior pics next!

For my photog friends, these images were taken with combination of reflector and portable flash units.  A shoot through umbrella was used on the family images.  The soft “last light” helped a bunch to get these fabulous colors at the flower field.  I metered the scene and then set the flash units for 1 stop brighter.  I could have done 2 stops brighter for a darker background.  I’ll do some adjusting and post artistic effects to make this family portrait a fine art piece.  For now, enjoy these straight out of the camera images.

Senior Specials / Prom Picture Tip.

I’m getting ready to post some really cool H.S. Senior specials on Phototext.  How do you get on Phototext?  Text Vader  Senior to 77007.  I’ll send you an extra coupon.  If you know one of my ambassadors then text their name to 77007.   I’m booking up June as we speak so call now 530-339-5988.

I have a tip for prom pics.  If you are getting your family to take your picture before the big night then I have an idea for a really cool picture.  Go outside and have the sun at your back. Turn the pocket camera to backlit or force the flash to on.  Then stand back to back with your friend/friends and lean forward toward the camera.  Shoot the pic at eye level and then from below with you leaning forward even more.  Check exposure to make sure it’s not too flared or washed out.  Adjust your direction until the colors look right.  Kick up your heels so we can see those shoes you paid a fortune for.   Hope that helps.  Send me your pics so I can see… diana@dianavader.com.  I’ll post them on this blog post.  I’ll send you a free touched up image for facebook.  Look out, crazy colors and fun effects are coming your way.

Kids and Apples {Redding, CA Photographer}

Thanks Erin, Sean and family for a wonderful day out on the ranch.  The boys were so good and tons of fun.  It stills makes me laugh that Angel preferred the fresh green grass over the juicy red apples.  Enjoy this sneak peak of our day.

Spring Green {Redding, CA Photographer}

Went out on the ranch today to do some location shoot recon. It was just gorgeous out there and Lucy the Aussie had a pretty good time too. Thanks Tonnie for the great time. Enjoy the images.  Can’t wait for Saturday’s shoot.  Pray for good weather.

Micaela is an Ambassador for Diana Vader Photography {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Text Micaela to 77007 to receive a special coupon off your H.S. Senior portraits.

Micaela likes photography, poetry, fashion, flowers and music.  How fun.   When she laughs the room lights up.  WOW!  We had a blast with this old Polaroid land camera.   It belonged to my father-in-law who also loved photography.   It weighs a ton.  Walking around a fallen tree proved a bit hazardous.  I stepped in a big hole but managed to stay up right.  Good for a few laughs.  My assistant Kelsie was wonderful and tried her hardest not to giggle at me.  Apparently, I’m very funny to watch.  One day we’ll have some video for everyone so you can see what silly things I do.

Micaela, you are simply wonderful to work with and  beautiful.  Thanks for a great afternoon shooting.  I can’t wait to show you the whole shoot.

From cocoon forth a butterfly

As lady from her door

Emerged – a summer afternoon –

Repairing Everywhere

Emily Dickinson

H.S. Sophomores, If you are interested in becoming an ambassador  for next year call me 530-339-5988.   I choose 1 girl and 1 boy from each High School.  They receive an extra shoot and lots of other fun things.

Studio Senior Images {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Chelsea was a doll on this shoot.  I had so much fun.  She just had us laughing the whole time.  She is going to have so many to choose from because they were all so pretty.  I had set up the studio equipment thanks to Baas Physical Therapy.  Brian, Erin and Don Baas were kind enough to let me use their empty space and it was fabulous.  It’s great to spread out and have some fun with the shoot.   Thanks Chelsea for a great time.

Nicole is an Ambassador for Diana Vader Photography {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

Wow it was chilly out there this morning but what beautiful light we had.  And a beautiful subject.  Nicole, I hope your cup of coffee warmed you up after our fun outing. 

Proud Puppies {Redding, CA Photographer}

What a crazy fun two days of shooting.  The studio space I used was fantastic.  Thanks to Baas Physical Therapy. They Rock.  We had lots of puppies and with that comes giggles and smiles and sloppy dog kisses.  I was is in dog heaven.  Thanks to my dear clients who braved the adventure with me.  And a big thanks to Kelsie D, my assistant, who helped me pack it all up.  Whew. Here a few fun pics of the adventure.

Music Man David is an Ambassador for Diana Vader Photography {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}


Thanks David for being such a great model.  Loved hearing you sing inside the building.  Congrats on the lead role in Music Man.  That is  “groovy”.   Great Music, Great Guy.  Text david to 77007 for a special offer on your senior portraits.

Proud Puppy Days to Celebrate Our New Baby Charlie {Redding, CA Photographer}

Join us for *Proud Puppy* Days, Friday March 4th from 12-4 or Saturday March 5th from 10-2. Kids welcome with their puppy. Text PUPPY to 77007 for special offer.   Pick Photo on the spot. Call for location and to reserve session time.

* Diana Vader Photography is an equal opportunity puppy lover. Puppies of ALL ages invited!

CALL TODAY 339-5988

Michael’s Photo Shoot {Redding, CA Senior Photographer}

We headed out from Central Valley High School for a photo adventure.  First we had to stop at the homestead to pick up a few things and talk over the clothing options.  A little bit of ironing and we were out of there.   It was a fun afternoon.  2 hours of non-stop shooting.  Michael, you’re handsome, fun and like photography.  That’s too cool.  Enjoy these images.  I can’t wait to show you the rest.

Winter Wonderland {Redding, CA Photographer}

What does a photographer think when it is raining?  There must be  snow in them thar hills.  The Osbornes  braved the cold and the snow to get one-of-a-kind Christmas Magic for their Christmas Cards this year.   Some fresh snow and some christmas balls and we were off to the woods.     

What a magical scene.  The trees were just covered in powder and the snow was deeper than my boots.  We brought hot cocoa and christmas balls to hang.  The girls loved hanging the ornaments on the tree.  Someone might have said ‘Mush’ because we were bringing the equipment into the forest on sleds.  I forgot I like to lay down alot when I shoot and so my fleece pants were just covered with snow.  Yes, we took the ornaments down before we left.  Thanks for the great time my friends.  I love you guys.

Last day for Christmas Card sessions is Monday December 6th.  I have a few spots still open.  Call me on 339-5988.  Join my phototext service for a free 5×7 with your next sitting. text and data rates may apply.  text Vader and your name to 77007.

St. Helena {Redding, CA Photographer}

We had a blast with the Coon family.  The vines were in full color and made a stunning backdrop.   We shot for the whole afternoon.  Thanks ya’ll for a great time.  See you soon.