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Thanksgiving Gathering

DVP_1991Tickle Monster, The Love Birds, All The Gals, Two Princesses.  What a delightful family!  I so enjoyed the time I spent getting to know this lovely family.  We had 22 people, I think.  From itty bitty baby to Great Grandpa!  We got some smiles out of Avery (2 years old)  because of Auntie’s monkey sounds.   All the kids did great!  And we didn’t break the antique sofa!  Yay!  I hope to be invited back soon for another family gathering.




Life-Long Friends

These two are a ton of fun.  So stylish and sassy!  This collage will be a great memory for them and a beautiful wall portrait for the girls’ rooms.

Baby Bundles






Such a sweet baby girl.   Only 10 days old.   The Gottfried Family has a new Spring baby and she is so precious.   Welcome Carly!   The gardener came by to say hello with his lawnmower.  Then another gardener came by with the blower.  Meanwhile we’re trying to get baby Carly to sleep.   To add insult to injury there was a cold wind blowing into the entryway on her bare bottom. I had a wamed comfy underneath her so she could stay cozy. But even with all of that she was so sweet about the whole thing and gave us some gorgeous images for her mommy and daddy.   Thanks Carly!

Wendy and Tim’s Perfect Wedding

Sunset, candles, twinkle lights… It was so pretty.  We just loved shooting your wedding Wendy.  A fabulous time was had by everyone.  You were so calm, cool and collected it was amazing.  Here’s a sneak peak of just a few of your memories captured.

Final Certification Images

www.dianavader.com/CPPfinal go there to see the final images I’ve submitted for Certification. Thanks to all my wonderful clients and their beatiful selves inside and out. Thanks also to all of you who voted on your favorites.