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Wedding Workshop at Anselmo Vineyard

Calling all photographers.

PPNV.com is hosting a fabulous workshop this Wednesday, Oct. 19th (9:30-3:30).  Come on out and experience Tim Meyer, of Brooks Institute fame, in action.  It’s an all-day event.  Lunch included.  Anselmo is a premier wedding venue in northern California.

For Tim’s background and the details, click link http://www.ppnv.com/public/TIM_MEYER.html

GNRM Harvest of Hope Banquet

If you haven’t heard about it… go to www.gnrm.org and check it out.  It’s going to be a fun evening.  Diana Vader Photography will be on hand to take images of the  VIP’s book signing  and the event itself.   A shout out to Crown Camera  www.crowncamera.com  for opening up the lab in the evening on a saturday so we could have our images printed and delivered back to the VIPs.  Very cool.  Thanks Theresa for giving up your saturday evening to make this event even more special.  The event is over at the Holiday Inn on Hilltop Saturday the 22nd of October.  I hope to see you there.



StoryBook Fun

I have been working on a Storybook and wanted to share a spread.  This is one of my most popular products.  A 15 spread (double sided page) StoryBook is the favorite.  It comes in both a 6.5 x 6.5 inch and an 8 x 8 inch book.  Almost everyone orders one because you can get so many more images and have a great way to show them to family and friends.  It’s a very creative process.  I custom design each one.  In this image I created a crisp black and white version and added in clouds for drama.  Taylor looks just stunning here in her cute dress.   It takes a long time to make a StoryBook but they are so worth it.  I hope I can make one for you soon if I haven’t already done so.

Are you getting ready for your Fall / Christmas pictures?  I’ll be posting a special soon to capture the images you will treasure for a lifetime.  Stay tuned for a great offer.

Foothill High’s Wade, Senior Portraits

What better way to spend a beautiful friday evening then out shooting senior portraits.  We started around 5pm when the sun was just starting to get low.  Can you believe how early it’s getting dark these days?  Wade and his mom met us out at the shoot location and we got started right away.  I used my 70-200mm lense first so I was pretty far way from my subject.  I think that was a good way to ease into the shoot since Wade is on the shy side.  I switched to other lenses as we moved about the shoot.  We had about 5 different shirts which really changed the moods of the images.  Easy to do with when you have a great pair of jeans to go with them.

I am so glad I have met Wade and his family.  Wade is the quietest person I think I’ve ever had as a client.  Wade loves to Referee for all kinds of sports.  Wade’s almost 6 feet tall.  Best of all he is super nice!  Wade has a killer natural smile and He looks so cool in these photographs.  I am blessed to be the Williams family photographer.