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Simpson Ad Campaign

My dear friend Sarah and I ran around town to track down these ads from an ad campaign I worked on with Simpson.  Ultimately I had 8 posters with my work that rotated around town.  Here’s one that we found on several bus shelters.  Thanks Simpson for the opportunity to work with you and the fabulous students that we photographed.  So ya’ll know, these are real students and not people from stock photos.  To see more of my work you can visit the link below on simpson’s website.

I blew up this last one so you can see the church sign.  It says Aspire to Inspire before you Expire.  Good Advice.  See more on the link below.  If you’ve seen these around town I’d love to here some comments.  see the itty bitty comment button below the post!


Walk About

I went with Carl from the Good News Rescue Mission on a walkabout around south city park.  We are capturing images to document the homeless in our community.  I was so moved by the situations and stories shared with us.  All ages and races were represented.  What I didn’t expect to see were babies.


Homeless Autistic 4 yr. old.  His mother says he only speaks gibberish.  Fenced in by the tennis court he kicked around a paper cup.  He said bye bye to me.





Happy New Year !

Well, how did your 2011 go?  Diana feels like she ran a marathon and won the race.   Thank you to all of our clients (friends)  for a fabulous 2011.

Diana earned her Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)  from the Professional Photographers Association.  3 of Diana’s works were chosen for display at the Imaging USA  2012 convention in New Orleans.  And she also won many blue and gold ribbons at print competitions in California.

But Diana’s favorite honor is being invited in to your families to capture your beauty.  The beauty God has created in everyone of us.  We had so much fun creating these memories for you.  We just love all of our new friends and are so grateful for the trust you placed in us.    We are going strong in 2012 and we will  be there for all of your special occasions and for those important milestones.  Blessings to you in the new year!  Diana and Mike Vader

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