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Thanksgiving Gathering

DVP_1991Tickle Monster, The Love Birds, All The Gals, Two Princesses.  What a delightful family!  I so enjoyed the time I spent getting to know this lovely family.  We had 22 people, I think.  From itty bitty baby to Great Grandpa!  We got some smiles out of Avery (2 years old)  because of Auntie’s monkey sounds.   All the kids did great!  And we didn’t break the antique sofa!  Yay!  I hope to be invited back soon for another family gathering.




Best of Both Worlds

Oak Run makes the perfect retreat for a hardworking executive like Carla.   Kelly and Carla enjoy the peace and quiet of their home in the hills when they aren’t jetting around the country.   Carla will be featured in Texas Techsan Magazine.   Texas Tech is her and Kelly’s alma mater.  Here’s a sneak peak of our shoot yesterday evening.   What a gorgeous view of Mt. Lassen and the foothills.  I had a ton of fun creating images that tell their story of  creating a lifestyle where they can live in the beauty of  Northern California and work in the High Tech industry.












Life-Long Friends

These two are a ton of fun.  So stylish and sassy!  This collage will be a great memory for them and a beautiful wall portrait for the girls’ rooms.

Double the Fun

I don’t know what’s better than a family photo shoot except maybe a double family shoot!   My heart was so warmed by how loving these kids are with each other.  They have grown up together and they are so sweet.  I just loved having the chance to capture them all together.  Thanks Kim for organizing and making it happen!



APEX Technology Management

I had the pleasure of photographing APEX for some upcoming marketing campaigns. Thanks to Jamie, George and Dottie who made the day go smoothly. The staff at APEX is super nice. Call them on 530 – 248-1000 for your computer technology needs. They will knock your socks off!

The Network Operations Center at APEX

APEX CEO Scott Putnam

They Grow Up So Fast!

Fall Fun

We had a blast on this shoot.  Three little boys on a beautiful day in a park means good times.   These guys were fast!  They ran circles around me.. literally.  We got lots of  giggles.  Then the sweet reward of  bubbles.  The littlest one was the best bubble maker I ever met.  Amazing talent!

These are for you Grandma!












Family Memories

The fall colors were in full “bloom” at the park.  We took advantage of them and went out to have some fun.  It was a bit cold though on Saturday.  Brrrr.  Enjoy.




Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!

Oklahoma! presented by Westside Performing Arts Company will be showing August 9,10,11 at the Cascade Theatre.   Do you have your tickets?

I was asked to shoot publicity art for the Date Book and other media.  These are some sneak peak draft images.   The finals will be coming out in a few weeks.

What is the story here with Aunt Eller and our blushing beauty?   What about that rivalry between Jud and Curly?  These questions and more are going to be answered by the fabulous WPAC under the direction of Trish Harris and Amanda Brandt.    There is sure to be lots of singing and dancing in this classic story.  Will the nice guy finish last?



What I have learned- Color My World

More and more I discover that I love painting.  I used water color painting as a tool to enhance my photograph.    WOW!   My teacher Arthur Rainville showed me this technique that he uses to create fabulous pieces.   I studied under him for an entire week at West Coast School in San Diego two weeks ago.   I had the privilege of being the class assistant to Arthur and Anne Clay.  What a magical time.  I miss the many moments we had of just enjoying the beauty around us.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  Do you like this?  Hate it? Think it’s cool or funky?

Winsome Ways


We had a blast shooting these senior portraits for Johannah.  The mood was fun and fabulous.  It was a warm 92 degrees out when we started at 6pm.   We set out in the car to find our favorite trees.  After running around north east Redding for a bit we settled on our favorite spots.   My assistant Andrew was on the job bringing us reflectors and tripods and whatever else we needed.  Great job Andrew.   One of my more embarrasing photo moments happened last night.  After shooting from the railing of a wooden foot bridge I went to jump down a large portion of my shorts stayed behind.  I had a huge rip in my shorts.  I mean colossal.  So what do you do then?  Well,  I wrapped a sheet around my waist and went togo style the rest of the shoot.   It was crazy.  How serious can you take your photographer when  you know she just ripped her pants.  Oh, we had a huge laugh over that.  Wish you all could have been there.  Well, here are couple of the images we took that I love.







Beach Days

Another gorgeous day for  shooting at the beach.  Brandy Beach that is.   The Vargas are such a fun family.  The kids were just fabulous.  We were shooting images storybook style which means some extra time for the kids to play around.  They definitely got into the groove.    Here’s a few of the memories we made.





Peter is Graduating

Peter is soon going to be an official graduate of the class of 2012.  He’s a self-titled computer geek and loves to play chess.  Peter is the funniest guy and had me cracking up the whole shoot.  I think there is a serious side to Peter but I love the fun loving side the best.




Radical Retro

Johannah has a fabulous dress from her grandmother’s dancing days.   She jazzed it up with killer shoes and a retro hat.  Johannah is an ambassador this year for Diana Vader Photography.   We had loads of fun posing and twirling and laughing.  Johannah is an absolute natural in front of the camera.  Amazing!





Walk About II

Documenting the homeless in Redding, CA

This fellow was warming up in the morning sun after a cold night.

see YouTube video for more images.

Good News Rescue Mission – Homeless in Redding


Happy New Year !

Well, how did your 2011 go?  Diana feels like she ran a marathon and won the race.   Thank you to all of our clients (friends)  for a fabulous 2011.

Diana earned her Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)  from the Professional Photographers Association.  3 of Diana’s works were chosen for display at the Imaging USA  2012 convention in New Orleans.  And she also won many blue and gold ribbons at print competitions in California.

But Diana’s favorite honor is being invited in to your families to capture your beauty.  The beauty God has created in everyone of us.  We had so much fun creating these memories for you.  We just love all of our new friends and are so grateful for the trust you placed in us.    We are going strong in 2012 and we will  be there for all of your special occasions and for those important milestones.  Blessings to you in the new year!  Diana and Mike Vader

visit:  www.dianavader.com  www.ppnv.com



The Sweetest Baby

Giddyap let’s go.  Fortunately we were able to get  saddle pics before she got too big.  5 weeks old and gorgeous.  What a precious angel!  We were waiting for the sleeping angel but she was not going for it.  She was only fooling with that yawn.   Nursing, formula, diaper changes, rocking, warming pad  and she was still wide awake.   Thanks Jeanna for choosing me to be your family photographer.  I had so much fun today!  Of course we Vaders think you guys are the best!

Do you think she was making fun of me!  We were so glad to have Chuck come be our hand model.   Look how tiny her head is.  She’s going to treasure every Daddy picture she has when she grows up. Thanks Chuck for begin willing to be in the pictures!


All Things Great and Small

Check out Dr. Heather Evans DVM here in our shoot for her new website.  She is putting together a mobile veterinary clinic to come to your house.  Here she is inside her new clinic and it is really neat.  She has a surgery, an exam area, microscope, a centrifuge (sp?) in short everything she needs to treat your pet.  I got to meet some amazing animals and their wonderful families.  My own Chewie (guinea pig) and Charlie (little black dog)  got in on the action.  It was a fun day.  Thanks Dr. Heather for choosing Diana Vader Photography.

Tip:  When shooting big macaw’s stay out of reach.  When shooting puppies, the closer the better!

The inside of Dr. Evans’ clinic van.


Her lovely assistant!


That’s the spot doc!


Polly want a cheezit.


Studio Portraits with Cara

All I can say is WOW. The kids did so awesome.  They just smiled  and laughed and loved having their picture taken.  Thanks Cara for allowing me to spend a Saturday evening with you and the “boys”.  I’m sure glad we did the green screen.  I was able to choose several backdrops and edit them into the image.  Cool!

Wedding Workshop at Anselmo Vineyard

Calling all photographers.

PPNV.com is hosting a fabulous workshop this Wednesday, Oct. 19th (9:30-3:30).  Come on out and experience Tim Meyer, of Brooks Institute fame, in action.  It’s an all-day event.  Lunch included.  Anselmo is a premier wedding venue in northern California.

For Tim’s background and the details, click link http://www.ppnv.com/public/TIM_MEYER.html

GNRM Harvest of Hope Banquet

If you haven’t heard about it… go to www.gnrm.org and check it out.  It’s going to be a fun evening.  Diana Vader Photography will be on hand to take images of the  VIP’s book signing  and the event itself.   A shout out to Crown Camera  www.crowncamera.com  for opening up the lab in the evening on a saturday so we could have our images printed and delivered back to the VIPs.  Very cool.  Thanks Theresa for giving up your saturday evening to make this event even more special.  The event is over at the Holiday Inn on Hilltop Saturday the 22nd of October.  I hope to see you there.



StoryBook Fun

I have been working on a Storybook and wanted to share a spread.  This is one of my most popular products.  A 15 spread (double sided page) StoryBook is the favorite.  It comes in both a 6.5 x 6.5 inch and an 8 x 8 inch book.  Almost everyone orders one because you can get so many more images and have a great way to show them to family and friends.  It’s a very creative process.  I custom design each one.  In this image I created a crisp black and white version and added in clouds for drama.  Taylor looks just stunning here in her cute dress.   It takes a long time to make a StoryBook but they are so worth it.  I hope I can make one for you soon if I haven’t already done so.

Are you getting ready for your Fall / Christmas pictures?  I’ll be posting a special soon to capture the images you will treasure for a lifetime.  Stay tuned for a great offer.

Foothill High’s Wade, Senior Portraits

What better way to spend a beautiful friday evening then out shooting senior portraits.  We started around 5pm when the sun was just starting to get low.  Can you believe how early it’s getting dark these days?  Wade and his mom met us out at the shoot location and we got started right away.  I used my 70-200mm lense first so I was pretty far way from my subject.  I think that was a good way to ease into the shoot since Wade is on the shy side.  I switched to other lenses as we moved about the shoot.  We had about 5 different shirts which really changed the moods of the images.  Easy to do with when you have a great pair of jeans to go with them.

I am so glad I have met Wade and his family.  Wade is the quietest person I think I’ve ever had as a client.  Wade loves to Referee for all kinds of sports.  Wade’s almost 6 feet tall.  Best of all he is super nice!  Wade has a killer natural smile and He looks so cool in these photographs.  I am blessed to be the Williams family photographer.

Wendy and Tim’s Perfect Wedding

Sunset, candles, twinkle lights… It was so pretty.  We just loved shooting your wedding Wendy.  A fabulous time was had by everyone.  You were so calm, cool and collected it was amazing.  Here’s a sneak peak of just a few of your memories captured.