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Winsome Ways


We had a blast shooting these senior portraits for Johannah.  The mood was fun and fabulous.  It was a warm 92 degrees out when we started at 6pm.   We set out in the car to find our favorite trees.  After running around north east Redding for a bit we settled on our favorite spots.   My assistant Andrew was on the job bringing us reflectors and tripods and whatever else we needed.  Great job Andrew.   One of my more embarrasing photo moments happened last night.  After shooting from the railing of a wooden foot bridge I went to jump down a large portion of my shorts stayed behind.  I had a huge rip in my shorts.  I mean colossal.  So what do you do then?  Well,  I wrapped a sheet around my waist and went togo style the rest of the shoot.   It was crazy.  How serious can you take your photographer when  you know she just ripped her pants.  Oh, we had a huge laugh over that.  Wish you all could have been there.  Well, here are couple of the images we took that I love.







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