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Thanksgiving Gathering

DVP_1991Tickle Monster, The Love Birds, All The Gals, Two Princesses.  What a delightful family!  I so enjoyed the time I spent getting to know this lovely family.  We had 22 people, I think.  From itty bitty baby to Great Grandpa!  We got some smiles out of Avery (2 years old)  because of Auntie’s monkey sounds.   All the kids did great!  And we didn’t break the antique sofa!  Yay!  I hope to be invited back soon for another family gathering.




Best of Both Worlds

Oak Run makes the perfect retreat for a hardworking executive like Carla.   Kelly and Carla enjoy the peace and quiet of their home in the hills when they aren’t jetting around the country.   Carla will be featured in Texas Techsan Magazine.   Texas Tech is her and Kelly’s alma mater.  Here’s a sneak peak of our shoot yesterday evening.   What a gorgeous view of Mt. Lassen and the foothills.  I had a ton of fun creating images that tell their story of  creating a lifestyle where they can live in the beauty of  Northern California and work in the High Tech industry.












Life on the lighter side with Terry Turner





Life-Long Friends

These two are a ton of fun.  So stylish and sassy!  This collage will be a great memory for them and a beautiful wall portrait for the girls’ rooms.

Fall Season means Senior Portraits – Call 339-5988 to book your session

Here is a sneak peak of Tristan’s senior portraits.  I love the new guitar.  Way cool.  Tristan is super easy to work with and so kind.   We had fun joking around.  These photos show a more serious side to him and I like that to!

Being Casual


Bright Future


Born to Worship

Diana Vader article in www.Redding.com


The Record Searchlight has featured Diana Vader Photography’s body of work on the Good News Rescue Mission.  Check it out in the May 17th, 2012 Record Searchlight Datebook  and on Redding.com.

Here’s the story


Vader’s forceful photos show soft side of Mission

Adam Mankoski
Published Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diana Vader has always been passionate about photography. Recent local work includes the Simpson University Aspire Program Campaign bus shelter posters. Diana has been awarded Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographic Certification Commission, a distinction achieved by less than 3 percent of professional photographers. With her recent body of work, Diana is raising funds for the Good News Rescue Mission.

Do you remember the first photo you took that inspired your current work?

I was asked by the Good News Rescue Mission to document its guests. My first really poignant photo was of a woman who was celebrating her release from domestic abuse. She literally had a lot of baggage and was super candid about her experience. That’s when I knew that these folks needed a real voice — someone who could share their stories with the rest of the neighbors who are more fortunate.

How can we participate in the fundraiser?

The art pieces are posted on my website, www.dianavader.com. Prints may be ordered in the next 30 days. All orders will benefit the mission.

You recently showed work at Moseley’s Family Cellars Tasting Room. How was that show?

The works shown at the Moseley’s were a compilation of a shoot in 2011 at the Mission and a Walk About in South Park in January 2012. The idea behind the campaign is to show the changing demographics of the homeless in Redding. Women and children are making up more of the population than ever before. The YouTube video made from these images http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kha847C87Ew was created to pull together volunteers for the Mission.

What inspired you to do these particular portraits?

I want Redding’s homeless to have a voice. World class imagery is a significant way to reach our community of people on an emotional level. I want people to get involved with the Mission by volunteering and donating food, clothes and money. Our heart and the heart of the Mission is to reach the hurting people in our community.

What are you working on next?

I am building a commercial brand for regular businesses and nonprofits. The purpose of this arm of the business is to leverage imagery with emotional content for use in marketing campaigns. I work side by side with marketing teams and graphic designers to create the desired effect. I also look forward to working with organizations like Care Net and Women’s Refuge to help them build a presence and a voice for the people they serve.

Go Now:Learn more about Diana’s work and the fundraiser for the Good News Rescue Mission at www.dianavader.com.

Baby Bundles






Such a sweet baby girl.   Only 10 days old.   The Gottfried Family has a new Spring baby and she is so precious.   Welcome Carly!   The gardener came by to say hello with his lawnmower.  Then another gardener came by with the blower.  Meanwhile we’re trying to get baby Carly to sleep.   To add insult to injury there was a cold wind blowing into the entryway on her bare bottom. I had a wamed comfy underneath her so she could stay cozy. But even with all of that she was so sweet about the whole thing and gave us some gorgeous images for her mommy and daddy.   Thanks Carly!

Portrait Photographer of the Year Award


Jellly Lace – you can see this print in person at the Turtle Bay Auction on March 24th 2011.  Diana donated it to raise money for Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  Diana has also donated a portrait sitting with prints.  Maybe we’ll see you for a sitting after the auction.


Professional Photographers of the North Valley has awarded Diana Vader Photography three different awards.  Diana has won  for 2011 the Portrait Photographer of the Year, The Illustrative Photographer of the Year and the Members Choice Award.   Jellly Lace won the Members Choice Award.   Thanks to all of my fabulous clients who helped make these awards possible.  Please visit www.ppnv.com for the print competition entries for 2011.   This awards banquet was held at Tapas restaurant in Redding.  Diana is currently taking appointments for spring family portrait sessions.  Give us a call at 339-5988.  We’re looking forward to a fabulous 2012.

Walk About II

Documenting the homeless in Redding, CA

This fellow was warming up in the morning sun after a cold night.

see YouTube video for more images.

Good News Rescue Mission – Homeless in Redding


Simpson Ad Campaign

My dear friend Sarah and I ran around town to track down these ads from an ad campaign I worked on with Simpson.  Ultimately I had 8 posters with my work that rotated around town.  Here’s one that we found on several bus shelters.  Thanks Simpson for the opportunity to work with you and the fabulous students that we photographed.  So ya’ll know, these are real students and not people from stock photos.  To see more of my work you can visit the link below on simpson’s website.

I blew up this last one so you can see the church sign.  It says Aspire to Inspire before you Expire.  Good Advice.  See more on the link below.  If you’ve seen these around town I’d love to here some comments.  see the itty bitty comment button below the post!


Walk About

I went with Carl from the Good News Rescue Mission on a walkabout around south city park.  We are capturing images to document the homeless in our community.  I was so moved by the situations and stories shared with us.  All ages and races were represented.  What I didn’t expect to see were babies.


Homeless Autistic 4 yr. old.  His mother says he only speaks gibberish.  Fenced in by the tennis court he kicked around a paper cup.  He said bye bye to me.





Chuck and Renee at Riverview Golf and Country Club

We were so privileged to be a part of Chuck and Renee’s amazing love story.  The Country Club was all decked out and what a gorgeous view we had of the setting sun.   I hope that Father Charlie wasn’t too upset with us for putting up the blinds right in the middle of the scripture reading.  Sorry Father.  We just wanted to see the beauty of God’s Creation outside while He was making a new covenant inside.   I tried to hide behind a piller to take the images of the ceremony.   I was thinking thin!  Everyone seemed to be having a great time all night.  Fantastic!

Chuck got to see Renee before the ceremony but they had their own moment as you can see here as he sees her for the first time.  Here’s a few of the gorgeous images.