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Senior Specials / Prom Picture Tip.

I’m getting ready to post some really cool H.S. Senior specials on Phototext.  How do you get on Phototext?  Text Vader  Senior to 77007.  I’ll send you an extra coupon.  If you know one of my ambassadors then text their name to 77007.   I’m booking up June as we speak so call now 530-339-5988.

I have a tip for prom pics.  If you are getting your family to take your picture before the big night then I have an idea for a really cool picture.  Go outside and have the sun at your back. Turn the pocket camera to backlit or force the flash to on.  Then stand back to back with your friend/friends and lean forward toward the camera.  Shoot the pic at eye level and then from below with you leaning forward even more.  Check exposure to make sure it’s not too flared or washed out.  Adjust your direction until the colors look right.  Kick up your heels so we can see those shoes you paid a fortune for.   Hope that helps.  Send me your pics so I can see… diana@dianavader.com.  I’ll post them on this blog post.  I’ll send you a free touched up image for facebook.  Look out, crazy colors and fun effects are coming your way.

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