…because you're beautiful


Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of creating portraits for Sarah.   This commercial style shoot was designed to create images for brochures and other communication media.  We were matching the Tozer Seminary colors of blues and greens used in their website.  You can visit their website at www.simpsonu.edu  Tozer tab.  The sunny, sincere  images are meant to be warm and inviting.   We had such a great time  around the Simpson University Campus.  I had told Mike I only wanted to do 2 locations but ended up using all 4 that I had scouted the day before.   We had such a fun loving and helpful subject that I didn’t want our session to end.  Sarah is so beautiful that I posted these right away with only minimal vignette and white balance editing.  These light patterns were achieved using natural light and a reflector.  Mike chose to use white, silver and gold reflectors on this one shoot however not all in one image.  Other images were created using a shoot through umbrella with flash and a reflector for fill.



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